Laser Liposuction really made me feel beautiful and special

02 Apr 2012

I was 16 when a friend of the family described my body as “squared”. I don’t remember why she said that or what the context was, all I remember is that everything got dark around me, and I wanted to die.

People don’t realize how insensitive they can be, especially when talking to an adolescent. But anyway, it didn’t stop there, throughout the next 10 years of my life, I started to realize that there are multiple ways people can point out all the imperfect features of my body:

“You have such a pretty face, too bad your body is not as nice” , “you are a full pear shaped body”, “you have a nice body if it wasn’t for your “default” ( which means defect, implying to my large hips and thick thighs), “everything would have looked so much better on you if it wasn’t for your bumps”.

The problem is that diets didn’t work; I would either gain the weight back, or lose weight in the wrong places. It made me chronically insecure about my body. And being insecure is a feeling I absolutely despise. To cut the story short and go straight to the day I had my laser Liposuction for hips. I was exhilarated, it was simply too good to be true. The first few days were a bit hard but that is normal after any procedure and it was worth it. Dr Maya Zayour was very keen to explain to me how the procedure worked and this made me feel in safe hands.

Now, a year later, I can’t stop looking at my body in the mirror, I cannot believe these are my legs, and these are my hips. Now I know why celebrities look so good! My happiness was contagious; soon both my sister and my mom got their “mommy tummies” done. Laser Liposuction really made me feel beautiful and special.

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