I have had a tall slim body without an effort all…

10 Oct 2010

I have had a tall slim body without an effort all my life. And I always managed to get back to my original weight after 2 pregnancies, one of which was with twins, through good diet and exercise…except for my tummy area!

I spent years after having my twins struggling with the extra kilos that got stuck on my tummy. No matter what diet I followed and what exercises I did, nothing actually helped.
When Dr Maya in Beirut proposed laser liposuction, I was very hesitant as I wasn’t in favor of plastic surgeries at that time.

During that period, I was diagnosed with a very early stage of breast cancer and I had to go through a lumpectomy. That was the turning point to many things in my life…
After the physical transformation of my breast, I had the urge to do something to feel more in harmony with my body. This is when the idea of laser liposuction resurfaced…
This year, I celebrate 5 years of cancer free and also of tummy free 🙂

Taking into consideration my case, I consider that this procedure had helped me greatly in both my physical and psychological recovery. While if I want to disregard my special case, I would consider that this procedure had helped me stop focusing on those layers of fat on my tummy area, to embrace my body better and to pay attention to more valuable stuff in my life.

It feels like an issue got simply crossed off my mind and I moved higher in my priority list.

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