Laser Necklift

Non Surgical Sculpting of the Face and Neck

Skin elasticity of the face and neck fails us as we age. Reduced elasticity combined with moderate weight gain lead to the formation of the double chin, turkey neck, and double jowls. In the past, traditional facelifts were all we had available to create a youthful, rejuvenated look. But today, there is an alternative to tighten and sculpt these delicate facial areas: the SmartLook laser facelift. The delicate areas of the face and chin are sculpted with laser, providing smoother, firmer skin while permanently removing unwanted fat.

How SmartLook Works

Dr Zayour will perform a combination of a laser facelift with neck liposuction, giving you tighter, smoother, and firmer skin while also getting rid of the fat under the chin—in one session. The laser technology allows high precision and targets only the unwanted fat deposits, while tightening facial skin—which means there is less swelling and bruising than with traditional face lifts. This is a non-surgical procedure with no stitches and general anesthesia is not needed.

Results with SmartLook

You’ll see results from your laser facelift right away, especially in the neck area with a sharper jaw line. There will also be continued improvement in the weeks and months following the procedure as the laser effect starts taking place by inducing tightening of the skin.