Acne Scars

Individuals affected by facial acne scarring are typically extremely self-conscious about their appearance. Fortunately, there are now better treatment options for acne scarring than ever before.

To treat acne scars, Dr Zayour typically uses a combination of subcision, excision of scars, laser resurfacing and filler or fat injections

Subcision is a procedure reserved for acne scars which are depressed or indented due to scar tissue bands pulling downwards on the skin. This procedure involves using a special needle to work underneath the scars from all sides, thus releasing the skin and allowing scar to appear less deep. To enhance subcision results when treating deeper scars, an injectable filler (Restylane or Juvederm) or even fat may be placed in the pocket that is created.

Excision of acne scars, sometimes referred to as punch excision, is a treatment reserved for ice-pick type scars. First the scar is removed then stitches are used to close the wound. The stitches are left in place for 5 days. While it may seem that trading one scar for another would not make much sense, it is the deep depression of the ice-pick scars that makes them so noticeable. A smoother, less-depressed scar is much more aesthetically acceptable.

The laser treatment of choice for treating acne scars is ablative fractional resurfacing. More than 1 session may be required.

It is not one single procedure that corrects your acne scars, but the effect of multiple interventions that will improve them markedly.