I would recommend the procedures to every woman

27 Sep 2015

I live in the USA and I have three kids (ages range from 15 to 6 years old). My body mass index used to be on the lower side (limit with underweight) 20 years ago; It was 110 lbs. During the last 8 years, I have tried many diets, exercising, and cutting on sweets and oily/fatty food; I couldn’t lose weight and after every attempt, I would gain the lost weight back. My weight last year was 146 lbs.

My body felt also saggy and holding/accumulating much fat at my hips, lateral sides of my back and at the abdomen. I could feel the two layers of fat at my abdomen when sitting. My actual size was 8-10 (40-42 European), I would wear extra sized clothes to hide the bumps. I would take family pictures with me hiding behind my kids!!
When I consulted Dr. Maya Zayour two years ago, she referred me to nutrition specialist and had a daily plan with suggested types of food and daily servings. Dr. Zayour also advised me to have daily exercising habit. I felt better by exercising and having healthy meals. I felt that my body felt healthier from inside, but still the accumulated fat did not go away. If you ask me, I would compare the accumulated fat to big hard soap; you need to wash your hands thousands of times to reduce it, but that will cause harm to your hands. Dieting and exercising were not enough to reduce that much fat.

Dr. Zayour explained the details of the laser liposuction and the new methods that she uses. She explained the post procedure outcomes and expected healing process.
I would not say it is “piece of cake,” but the discomfort and pain was much less than I expected.
My clothes’ size went from 8-10 to 4-6 now. I receive compliments about my body shape from my friends all the time. I had the best compliments from my husband who thinks that I should have done it many years ago.
I would recommend it to every woman who, after consultation, needs to feel better about her body shape.

Fat transfer to lower eyelids and cheeks:

Moreover, prior to the procedure too, I consulted Dr. Maya Zayour about my face. I had to cover the dark circles under my eyes with concealers and foundation creams and had to use blush to give some tone to my face. Dr. Zayour prescribed creams for my face tone, but still I felt I needed more for under skin. I wanted something more than creams. Dr. Zayour told me that she can do fat transfer (fat taken during liposuction – from my own body) under lower eyelids for dark circles and wrinkles and for cheeks. She explained about the process and that the body would not be hypersensitive to own fat.

Both procedures went well. With fat transfer, I had to wear sunglasses for about a week because it had the bruise-color under my eyes; after that, was the real sunshine! I sent pictures to my family to show them the post-procedure, and they thought I send pictures taken 10 year ago. My husband is saying that I look 16 years younger (pre-pregnancies’ look). The fine wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes are gone. The skin texture and color around my eyes feel so young. The fuller cheeks now look similar to mine during my twenties. It was really a simple procedure (not very invasive- no major surgery) which changed my feelings about myself- I feel younger from outside and happier from inside.

Dr Maya Zayour guided me rather than did procedures for me. I am still exercising almost daily, eating healthy, and looking younger and happier with my new young body and face. My body weight now is 126 lbs.

I would recommend both procedures.

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